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Foto: O.J Gravem, Sunndal bygdemuseum fotosamling

Our history

Phillipshaugen Lodge is named after the wealthy Englishman Ethelbert Lort Phillips,

whose signature is still in the lodge logo.


Towards the end of the 19th Century Lort Phillips built five “sports villas” in Scottish Highland style around inland Nordmøre. He catered the wealthy British upper class who were interested in salmon fishing in the area. The five lodges were Hvilestedet at Leikvin, Vangshaugen, Todalshytta, Tredalsbakken

and Phillipshaugen.


Lort Phillips used Phillipshaugen as a home base for hunting and fishing, as well as for recreation and parties with good friends. It was also rented out to tourists and Lort Phillips’ friends and associates to enjoy.


Today the lodge is almost identical to how it looked when it was built over 120 years ago: One of the buildings has been constructed out of notched timber logs, with natural wood panneling inside.


During the Second World War the cabins were rented out to the British Army who used them as a recreational place for their officers.


Lort Phillips visited Phillipshaugen for the last time in the late 1930s, right before it was sold.

From 1946-1961 the lodge was owned by the Royal Norwegian Automobile association,

and the Norwegian Mission Company took it over from 1961-2014.


At the beginning of the 1980s a new and modern building was erected, containing 15 bedrooms, a large kitchen and a dining hall with panoramic views across the Øksendal mountains.


The lodge is now run by local investors, who once more are inviting visitors from all over the world to

enjoy the beauty of The Lodge for overnight getaways, weddings, meetings, seminars,

festivals as well as school camps.

We look forward to welcoming you to Phillipshaugen!

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